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Planning the next few steps…

So we tried our hand at installing a new light fixture this past weekend. Big mistake as one of the screws is completely stripped. All we managed to do was knock down a little plaster and waste our time. I suppose it’s time to call someone to help remove it. We’re also getting quotes to finish the work for our basement. My main impetus for this is so that the stairs are fixed and not rotting so I can buy a NeoGeo cabinet and set it up downstairs for maximum action. It’d also be nice that things are leak-free.

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And so begins the closet removal

Our house was built in the early 1900’s to our best guess. It’s got a fieldstone foundation and there’s even a place where there used to be a coal chute. The chimney in the center of the house has openings (that have been walled up) for a ton of rooms. In other words, it’s a typical house in Somerville, MA. Sometime during the ’50s it was turned into a two family (this is about where our various inspectors suspect anyway) and a lot of the work was done rather poorly. One of the prime examples is the addition of a hallway closet in our unit that turns a 4-foot wide hallway into a 2.5-foot squeeze. It was built really haphazardly with BX wiring, random switches and no light.┬áThere’s a weird transom that I didn’t get a picture of on top as well. It’s just gross, useless and we wanted to get rid of it.

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