Basement work, part 2

With all the rooms gone, our basement feels much larger and more useable than before. But that’s not the only thing we had done to it. In addition to taking out all the rooms, we added a sump-pump and a French drain to deal with any and all future water issues. During out last storm I noticed that there was some moisture forming on the field stone foundation walls as well: probably good that we’re getting this done right before massive amounts of snow start dumping on us. Once it starts getting warm and all that snow begins to melt? Yeesh.

A French drain will allow any water to filter through a bed of rocks into a central collection area. We had the edges of all floors in the basement torn up so we could add gravel and pipes to direct water flow. This actually happened during the “patching the floor” phase. It was at this time that our contractors discovered one of our main pipes was rusted through (which connected to the old toilet). If they hadn’t been tearing up the concrete we never would’ve seen it! Once all that water starts collecting, the sump-pump will dump out the back onto our driveway which slopes away from the house. While I wasn’t super-worried about flooding before, I’m not worried about it at all anymore.

Additionally, we replaced our flimsy wooden back entrance with a nice, lockable door and sealed the back entrance from moisture and the elements. The rickety wooden stairs have also been replaced with concrete ones. I’ll get pictures of those tomorrow.

Lastly, for today, we had the walls painted white and it has certainly brightened it up down there. Tomorrow they’ll finish by replacing all our windows with non-wooden frame ones that seal nice and tightly. Once that’s done we’ll be adding an air-filtration unit/dehumidifier to make it much more habitable for things like…arcade machines, ping pong tables, and doing laundry.


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