We’ve begun work on the basement!

And what a project this is! There is a lot of work to be done in here and it’s not even that bad. In our previous apartment the basement looked like a set from one of the Saw movies, just with laundry. It was incredibly scary, damp, and filled with weird, old stuff. Our new one is still filled with some old stuff (including an ancient safe that we’re keeping even though it’s been drilled out) but it isn’t nearly as scary. However it had some odd rooms and rotting benches along with the windows that needed to replaced. The floor has seen better days as well and the back entrance could use replacing.

Essentially we want to make it a nice, dry and clean storage and laundry area for us and our tenants and that’s looking like it’ll take quite a bit of work.

I was able to snag some pictures of our basement before the major renovations have begun and you can see all the weird rooms and gouges in the floor we’re looking to replace. Our guys have already begun work and have torn all those rooms out already. In addition to clearing those out, they’re going to be installing a French drain and sump pump as we noticed some dampness and on the floor in the corners. They’ll also be repointing the foundation, painting the walls, replacing all the windows with ones that won’t rot, replacing the back door, and a few other things. Like we said, it’s a big project!

More photos and information in the coming days…


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