Planning the next few steps…

So we tried our hand at installing a new light fixture this past weekend. Big mistake as one of the screws is completely stripped. All we managed to do was knock down a little plaster and waste our time. I suppose it’s time to call someone to help remove it. We’re also getting quotes to finish the work for our basement. My main impetus for this is so that the stairs are fixed and not rotting so I can buy a NeoGeo cabinet and set it up downstairs for maximum action. It’d also be nice that things are leak-free.

What we’re hoping to get done:

  • new steel door in back
  • fix stairs leading out of basement – replace with cement stairs
  • sheetrock wall in walkout (to help with insulation)
  • fix bricks along side of walkout, cement over
  • replace all 6 windows
  • repaint as needed
  • waterproofing
  • install a sump pump
  • patch the cement floor
  • a possible french drain

Additionally we’re planning on removing all this gross linoleum we have on our stairs. Some day. Wheee money pit!


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  1. Rebecca

    I love that you have a “NeoGeo” tag.

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