Electrical upgrade

Last weekend we had an electrician come out and upgrade our electrical service. Prior to that (and possibly going back to 1985), the entire house had a 100amp line split between both apartments at 60amps each. That doesn’t sound like solid math to me and our inspector told us that not only was this not up to code but we were asking for brown-outs, especially in the summer if both our tenants and us had air-conditioning units. Additionally, since we wanted to get a mini-split system installed (now delayed until next spring because it’s getting cooler), there was really no way doing that on this outdated service would work.

We also had a fuse box with what our electrician called “third-party fuses.” He said that they probably would work fine but he wouldn’t be betting on any of them. So, for two days, they replaced our fuse box, upgraded our electrical, put meters on the outside of the house (they were in the basement before), grounded it to our water line, installed some new grounded outlets in our tenant’s apartment, and replaced a light fixture and added two wall-switches. Lots of stuff!

Previously both the kitchen and the dining room lights had to be turned out at the fixture itself – a pain in the ass. That and the light fixture in the kitchen looked like it was about to crash onto the floor. Since they were going to be here anyway, we just asked them to replace it. We’ll be replacing the one in the dining room ourselves, most likely, as it’s not the best either. Anyway, not the most exciting stuff but pretty important nonetheless.

Our next project will be the basement which will be expensive. This time around I’ll try and get pictures before work begins (once we get all our quotes) so we don’t run into this lack of “before” imagery.


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  1. I wish my landlord lived here in the house. Maybe then he’d update the electrical here. Everything except one socket (above sink) and one overhead light is on the same breaker. I had to get UPS units for everything because of simple things like turning on the hair dryer while the TV is on. Ugh.

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