I suppose our first project should never go smoothly

I figured all was going too well for our first major project. It’s better to get the difficulties right away so that there’s no future worry about when we’ll start running into problems.

So, yeah, the closet is gone and the wall’s been patched and painted but there are a few problems that we’re seeing now that work is “done.” First off, let me say that I still think it looks infinitely better than having the closet there. Seriously. But when you’re paying a lot of money on something you’re going to live with for years you want to get it right the first time.

As you can see from the picture, it’s not that bad! But upon closer inspection the most glaring issue is present: the new floor looks nothing like the old. In fact it looks almost like completely different wood. I understand that matching new hardwood to old is a nearly impossible task but there were claims that after staining and finishing that the final product would resemble our original floors much more closely.

Secondly, some of the paint has already begun to peel. Total bummer. There are a few other issues as well: the moulding on top of the baseboard doesn’t quite reach (it was there in the closet) so they just stuck some blocks there to connect it to the door frames and I thought that hardwood was suppose to run underneath the baseboard also? Right now there’s a bit of a gap.

It’s all well and good we get this out of the way now I suppose. It’ll help us deal with it when we inevitably run into problems again in the future.

We’ve already written the contractor with our concerns and hoping that there can be a satisfactory resolution. He seems like a very nice guy and easy to talk to. Crossing our fingers!



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5 responses to “I suppose our first project should never go smoothly

  1. BriC

    Yeah, the hardwood is supposed to run under the baseboard. It should go to the wall (or under), then the baseboard should be installed.

  2. Celeste

    *the new boards in the floor will not match unless you sand down and refinish the entire area as a whole (so if your hardwood runs seamlessly from the hallway all the way into the connecting rooms, you may have to live with it until you’re ready to redo the floors of the entire place. it really doesn’t look that bad – though the stain is clearly lighter than the existing floor). *peeling paint just means you didn’t let the first coat dry enough before painting the second coat (you should ALWAYS do 2 coats – even if you’re using paint+primer in one – if you’re not using paint+primer in one, you should ALWAYS prime first, which is why paint+primer in one is the BEST). when the bubble peels away, you’ll want to sand it down the edges of the spot before you paint it over again (if the spot is noticeably dented, you may need to spackle and then sand to make the area smooth and undetectable from the rest of the wall).
    *the picture doesn’t quite show what you’re talking about in regards to the moulding on top of the baseboard, but yes ideally the floors should be installed first and then the baseboards get installed on the wall so that it floats on top of the floor – but that would mean ripping out the existing baseboard before putting in the floors and then reinstalling the baseboards – and since you’ve already got the new floor in there I wouldn’t recommend it (though if you ever redo/sand+refinish your floors, you may reconsider your minor baseboard issue). you can always disguise the gap between the floor and the baseboard with quarter rounds, but that would mean installing quarter rounds in the rest of your place too so the look is consistent (I actually think there’s a temperature factor in regards to the space between hardwood floors and baseboards – something to do with what extreme cold and hot temperature does to wood expanding and contracting – which is why quarter rounds are a good solution).
    In case you can’t tell, I can talk about house renovations for days. DAYS. in addition to the shit I’ve learned in the last 3 years being a home owner, I’m also OBSESSED with HGTV. I’ll be following your guys’ adventure. Don’t be afraid to get your own hands dirty! It’s fun!

  3. Yugon Kim

    Hi Eric! It’s been a super long time. Anyways, been following your blog. I don’t know if you know but I’m living I’m Boston as well. I saw your frustrations in the blog so if your contractor doesnt work out let me know and I can recommend some. Also regarding the peeling paint it could also be due to incompatible paints ie satin over gloss paint or latex over oil based. Anyways, just some thoughts. I’m an architect so if you have any questions maybe I can help out an old friend. Good luck! Y

    • Hey Yugon,

      How’ve you been, man? I’ll definitely drop you a line sometime, if not to ask questions but maybe we can grab a drink some time! Thanks for the advice too!

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