The closet continues!

There must’ve been some kind of communications snafu as we both figured that our contractors would be back on Friday to finish up the closet removal while I was on my way to Herkimer, NY to spend the weekend camping. Turns out I don’t think they ever showed up as it was in the exact same state as it was when I left. Of course this left us a bit confused. Luckily they came back today and finished much of the work this afternoon. As you can see from the picture, the plasterwork is finished and the holes patched. They also tore up the old floorboards and replaced them with wood that better matched our existing floor (though I didn’t get a good picture of that yet).

Plasterwork complete!

Tomorrow (or possibly Wednesday), they’ll come back to paint, clean, sand, and polyurethane to finish everything up! Things are very dusty and dirty at the moment but everything will be back to spic-n-span in no time!

Thursday morning we’re having someone come to look at our basement to repair the back entrance, our windows, and repoint the foundation. Hopefully soon we can start getting to the really good stuff (like the bathroom)!


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